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This bloke in City Park, he turns to me
He says “You know this place ain’t what it used to be”
I tell him, “Man, I don’t know what to say,
I was born in ’95, I haven’t known it any other way”

Well it turns out, he had no account
Of what life was like back then
And it seems like everyone around today
Has nothing good to say about Launceston

And just sometimes, you know I feel the same
But please don’t think I mean to complain
We could make this more than just another city
But I’m not quite sure if that still interests me or anyone around here at all

Most of the time, the people seem alright
When I stay locked up in my room or go to shows every night
Don’t need a car, I’ll walk to where I need to be
Ignore the people and places that can’t seem to leave me be

There’s a bunch of kids spoiling for a fight
They make fun of the walking man, that’s not very nice
All the franchise stores only grow stronger
I find myself buying more than I wanna

This place means nothing, nothing to me
Yet I doubt I’ll ever leave
Maybe one day we’ll see
What community really means

This place means nothing, nothing to me
I find it hard to believe
That one day we’ll see
What community really means

Until that day this is just another city


from Happenstance And Alcohol, released July 15, 2015



all rights reserved


BrodyGreg Launceston, Australia

I play chords and swear about things.

I also run a little PWYW record label/digital distro called Productive Pursuit Records. All donations go to the artists!

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