Unemployment As A Productive Pursuit

from by BrodyGreg



Look me in the fucking eye and tell me
that working for millionaires
in exchange for minimum wage
is a fucking privilege

I’ll be okay
I won’t ever have a job like that
Or at least I hope not

And I buy whiskey with money from the government
‘Cause they don’t give me enough to pay any rent
So I sit in my grandmother’s house and write stupid fucking songs
I only hope I get to do it somewhere else tomorrow
And I insist
This life is a life worth living
So close to freedom I can taste it on my lips
This is all I’ve ever wanted
To stand in a room
And shout along to my thoughts just like this
I apply for jobs to get everyone off my back
But if I ever actually get one I have no idea what I’d do
I’m not lazy I’m just doing what I want to

So why aren’t you
Trying to make something more of your life
Life is what you prevent them from making it
I know it’s hard
I may not feed myself with this guitar
But if I end up sleeping next to it
On the tracks out by the showgrounds
That’s fine by me

So what am I supposed to do
When the world pushes me away
And tells me that I’m the one to blame?
So what are we supposed to do
When the world pushes us away
And tells us we’re the ones everyone should blame?
So what am I supposed to do
When the world pushes me away
And tells me I’m the one to blame?
Well I’m not going to live in their cage
So put me in a van
There’s gotta be a way
For me to escape
A life as a slave
Maybe I’ll write some songs
That people wanna pay for
Save up some change
For food every day
And enough left over
For me to make my way
To the next place
A life on the run is better than the one they have for me here
And I swear
This life is a life worth living
And I’m so close
So fucking close to being free
Working in a bank was never an option
It’s not a matter of choice for me
This is the only way of life for me


from Happenstance And Alcohol, released July 15, 2015



all rights reserved


BrodyGreg Launceston, Australia

I play chords and swear about things.

I also run a little PWYW record label/digital distro called Productive Pursuit Records. All donations go to the artists!

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